Register Now For MBPB At World Maker Faire 2016


The time has come to register for this year’s Moat Boat Paddle Battle at World Maker Faire 2016! Brought to you again by Ocean State Maker Mill¬†and SeeMeCNC, this is your chance to show your design skills by building the fastest boat in the moat. We learned a lot from last year, and have come back with some changes.

First off, we discovered that many of our young racers were just as talented at designing boats as the adult crowd, and separating them didn’t help them but instead hindered their creativity with the rules of their race class. This year we only have one class that is open to all ages. The open class rules have remained mostly the same from last year but you will want to go over them to make sure your boat stays legal. The biggest rule change this year is that your paddle, propeller, or screw must be 100% 3D printed. No off the shelf propellers this year.

Like last year, the winner of the open class will be going home with a printer compliments of SeeMeCNC!

Anyone looking to race as part of the open class main race must register ahead of time, no walk up entries will be accepted. To register, please fill out the link below. Races will be held on SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd ONLY. Sample boats can be downloaded here.


We heard a lot of feedback from parents last year that they didn’t know about Moat Boat Paddle Battle ahead of time, and we’re still hoping for a way for their kids to participate. To help make the event as accessible as possible, we are working on a new Junior Race that will not require prep ahead of time. This race won’t have a grand prize, but will be easier for those attending Maker Faire to get involved. Stay tuned as we put together more details on this new race class.


Moat Boat Paddle Battle – World Maker Faire 2015 Teaser

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