Rules – Updated for 2017



General Rules

  1. Each race is a best of three runs head to head race. One boat from each race will advance to the next level in the bracket.
  2. All boats must be driven by elastic power only (rubber bands, surgical tubing, latex bands, etc) power only. No electrics (other than for decoration), no combustible motors (rocket motors, fireworks, gas engines, etc).
  3. The maximum boat size is 8″ long by 6″ wide (200mm x 150mm). The boat can be as tall as you wish but cannot draft more than 5.5 inches in the water. Length and width of your boat will be verified at check in.
  4. The course is 12 inches wide by 12 feet long. Fastest boat to the end wins each race.
  5. If neither boat makes it to the end, the boat that travels the farthest will win that heat.
  6. All boats must be driven by a 3d printed paddle, propeller, turbine, or screw. No slingshots, catapults, or other “shot” style locomotion.
  7. Boats cannot use the sides or bottom of the tank for locomotion (it’s okay if you bump into it though). The boat should be designed to be able to work in an environment without walls.
  8. Boats will start from the back of the trough but may not push off of the trough to get started. If the paddle is located on the back of the boat, the boat may be spaced by a judge to the back of the trough without the paddle touching.
  9. Boats must be a minimum of 80% 3d printed. Paddle, propeller, turbine or screw must be 100% 3D printed.
  10. Contestants cannot push or help the boat on start and cannot touch the boat after it has left the start line.
  11. Each contestant will get one false start and then a judge will release the boat.
  12. All contestants must be at the race for their start time. Missing your start time will eliminate you from the competition.
  13. This is a fun event, any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in elimination.
  14. Boats and racers cannot damage the trough as part of the race.
  15. Racers must pre-register for the event by completing the entry form here. Walk up or day of entries will not be accepted.
  16. If there is a team, only one member can be at the trough to race at a time. The remainder of the team may watch.
  17. Between each run of the race, the racers will have 60 seconds to retrieve, rewind, and place their boat into the water at the starting line for the next race. If they go over time, they forfeit that race.
  18. Please ensure that your boat is safe and you have any proper safety gear you need to operate your boat. Boats deemed unsafe by the judges may be disqualified.
  19. All judges calls are final.
  20. All racers under the age of 18 must have permission and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at race time.
  21. Pennies and small amounts of tape can be used to add ballast or level the boat.
  22. Rubber bands will not be provided, and racers can use any elastic they choose.
  23. While we provide sample boats to help inspire you, these boats cannot be raced as is and must be modified to be race worthy.